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Ideas and other proposals
We welcome any ideas related to new products, technologies, designs, manufacturing methods, advertising and promotion, marketing and the like, as well as memos, drawings, concepts or other proposals (hereinafter, "Proposals") that you may wish to provide to Helios Techno Holding. However, please understand that Helios Techno Holding also conducts its own research and development on a daily basis and may already possess unannounced ideas that are very similar to Proposals you have provided. This reality may lead to misunderstandings or disputes. To prevent such unforeseen situations from materializing in the future, in general Helios Techno Holdings prefers to refrain from accepting Proposals. We ask for your cooperation in this regard. If you provide Proposals regardless of Helios Techno Holding's above-stated policy, in principle we will return Proposals without considering or evaluating their content. Furthermore, please understand that any Proposals are sent with the understanding of the following points.
1. Helios Techno Holding is not bound by confidentiality for any Proposals it has been sent.
2. Helios Techno Holding is not obligated to consider, evaluate or adopt any Proposals it has been sent.
3. Even in the event that Helios Techno Holding adopts proposals that are the same as or similar to, either wholly or in part, proposals it has been sent, Helios Techno Holding bears no responsibility whatsoever to the party providing Proposals, including for the payment of compensation.

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