Privacy Policy

Helios Techno Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the "Company") recognizes the importance of customers' personal information. The Company handles such information carefully and is promoting the following initiatives in order to provide even better products and services to customers and fulfill its responsibility to protect customers' personal information.
Compliance with laws and regulations
The Company complies with the Personal Information Protection Law, as well as other laws, regulations and guidelines.
Internal structure
With regard to systems for the handling of personal information, the Company formulates internal regulations and rules as necessary for each business. We also have in place a supervisor for each division, thereby creating a structure for complying with the protection of personal information.
Collection of personal information
When collecting personal information from customers, the Company clarifies and obtains approval for the purpose of use, and collects personal information within the scope necessary to achieve these objectives.
Use of personal information
When using customers' personal information, the Company uses such information only within the intended scope of use and does not use information beyond the intended scope.
Assurance of accuracy
The Company has in place appropriate measures for ensuring that personal information on customers is accurate and in its most recently updated state.
Safety management measures
The Company manages customers' personal information strictly, and has in place preventive measures and safety measures with regard to unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage.
Internal education
The Company conducts education and training for employees regarding the protection of personal information, and ensures thorough awareness of such content throughout the Company.
Supervision of contractors
In some cases, when using customers' personal information the Company subcontracts the use of personal information within the legitimate scope of use. The Company supervises contractors, making it obligatory for them to manage personal information strictly.
Limitations on third-party provision
Except when required by law or ordinance, the Company does not provide or disclose customers' personal information without their permission to third parties.
Disclosure and revision of personal information
With regard to the personal information on customers it handles, in the event of customer requests to confirm or revise personal information, the Company responds promptly and as promptly as is reasonably possible.
Ongoing reviews of internal structures
The Company strives to review and improve regulations on the handling of personal information and the organizational structures for executing these regulations on an ongoing basis in order to ensure their effective and appropriate operation.