Financial Information

Statements of Income

( thousands of yen )
Net sales8,952,4827,987,547
Cost of sales6,081,1355,141,585
Gross profit2,871,3462,845,961
Selling, general and administrative expenses2,352,3182,423,898
Operating profit519,027422,063
Non-operating income
Interest income2028
Dividend income20,55836,900
Foreign exchange gains-22,543
Subsidy income41,9264,439
Miscellaneous income6,5409,987
Total non-operating income69,04573,898
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses2,5621,421
Foreign exchange losses1,276-
Compensation expenses4,418-
Commission for syndicated loans2,1742,174
Miscellaneous losses144165
Total non-operating expenses10,5763,762
Ordinary profit577,496492,198
Extraordinary income
Gain on sale of non-current assets163-
Total extraordinary income163-
Extraordinary losses
Impairment losses-16,302
Loss on retirement of non-current assets2838
Loss on liquidation of business23,704-
Retirement benefits for directors (and other officers)-36,681
Total extraordinary losses23,70653,822
Profit before income taxes553,953438,376
Income taxes - current257,52096,361
Income taxes - deferred-118,14670,825
Total income taxes139,374167,186
Profit attributable to owners of parent414,578271,189